Defenders of the Earth!

by MJ-12 (Majestic 12)

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released December 5, 2007

MJ-12 is Nathan Gibbs



all rights reserved


MJ-12 (Majestic 12) Druten, Netherlands

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Track Name: Not Afraid
If you want me too,
you can dare me to,
If you want me to
I can get on my knees and grind my teeth,
If you dare me to
I can feed of the young and steal their dreams.

I never wanted to,
to hurt and leave a wound so deep,
I never thought of this,
that the evil could still exist in me,
have I committed sin,
all I wanted was just to worship you,
the answer lies within,
the inspiration for me to make you scream!

I'm so not afraid you know
Track Name: Fuse box
I've been stuck in this cell,
trying to climb the walls to my freedom,
broken the chains of what remains,
my legs are battered and broken,
I've no window to see,
I don't know if the sun is even shining,
how many months of years,
have I been here, can you tell me.

The guards are laughing at me,
they piss on me for their amusement,
my body belongs to them,
but my soul belongs to my savior,
your memory keeps me alive,
I hear your voice when I'm sleeping,
and I've forget why,
I'm in this time can you tell me?